5 Free Computer Programs Everyone Should Have

5 Free computer programs everyone should have…
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Happy Computing Tip #83
5 Computer Programs Everyone Should Have
By Switch, the I.T. Support Robot

5 Free Computer Programs Everyone Should Have

1) Antivirus and malware protection
This is needed because our computers are constantly at risk for being hacked. By having this protection, you can protect your computer from being attacked, saving yourself lots of time in the process (recovering from a virus attack can be very time-consuming, and in some cases, costly).
Recommended program: AVG

2) Backup Solutions  
Backup solutions are very important because if anything happens to your computer, all your information is saved. It’s also important to have onsite as well as offsite backups. Onsite allows immediate access to data and does not require internet. Offsite allows access to data from anywhere, via Internet, data will be preserved in the event of an event taking place within the business, and backup data can be shared with a number of different remote locations.
Recommended programs: Mozy or Dropbox

3) Browsers
While many computers already have Internet Explorer pre-installed, there are better, faster, more secure alternatives. 
Recommended programs: Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome

4) Ad Blockers
Blocking ads will help your computer to run faster, free your web page from advertisements, and save substantial amounts of energy.
Recommended Program: Ghostery

5) OpenOffice
Microsoft Office is a wonderful tool to have on your computer. Unfortunately, not everyone can pay the price. There is a solution though. OpenOffice has many similar programs as Microsoft Office. Some included are: Writer: a word processor; Calc: a spreadsheet with tools to calculate, analyze and present data; and Draw: it lets you produce things such as simple diagrams to elaborate 3D illustrations.
Recommended Program: OpenOffice

With these few simple programs, you and your computer will be happy and these programs will make things easier.

Happy Computing!!!