How to Speed Up Your Internet!

Happy Computing Tip #71:
How to Speed Up Your Internet!
by Switch, the I.T. support robot

Is your Internet running as fast as cross-country snail racing? You may need to upgrade your Internet. Nowadays multiple users connecting simultaneously on different devices is common, and it can really put a drag on your Internet speed. And on top of that, some Internet providers have more outages than a New Orleans Superbowl!

If this is the case with you, or you’ve simply done as much as possible to optimize the speed of your Internet and aren’t satisfied, consider purchasing two high speed Internet lines. Huh?

The benefits of two Internet lines are faster speed and redundancy. Two lines can double your browsing speed, and if one line has an outage, the second one keeps you surfing! For set up, contact your Internet service provider (or a 2nd provider) to request a second line.  But before you do, make sure that your router can combine two Internet lines. Many folks are AMAZED at how much more they get done when their Internet is faster. Need help? We’ll gladly assist you.