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Happy Computing Tip #99
Twitter Tips

By Switch, the I.T. Support Robot

“Tweet, tweet”. Hear that? That’s the sound of Switch Technologies using Twitter! Be on the lookout for Switch tweets and posts on Twitter and Facebook in the coming weeks to update you on the latest in technology. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on what’s happening in the computer world. In the meantime, here are some tips that you can use on Twitter for personal or business purposes:

  1. A good bio – A good bio sells. Fill out your Twitter profile. People tend to read your description first. And they use that to decide if they follow you.
  2. You don’t have to read every tweet on your feed – There are just too many. The average tweeter tweets about 20 times a day. If you follow 100 people, that’s over 2,000 tweets to read! So don’t worry about reading all of them.
  3. Share valuable content – Let’s say you found a cool article or video, tweet it! See an inspirational quote? Let every one know! 
  4. Tweet about others – Most social media messages are self-focused. Why not tweet about others? Think about the impact you can make on people. What can you contribute in another person’s life?
  5. Be polite – This goes hand in hand with with tweeting about others. Twitter is not a place to start arguments. If someone retweets your post, tell them thanks. If someone mentions you, be sure to acknowledge them. 

If you follow these few simple tips, you’ll do well. Become part of the Switch family. Click the links below to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. It’ll be entertaining, helpful, and fun! You won’t want to miss out.

Happy Computing!!!