Perks of Having an Android

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Happy Computing Tip #91
Perks of Having an Android
By Switch, the I.T. Support Robot

So, we talked last week about why it’s important to upgrade your phone. This week we are looking at the Android platform. Over the course of three weeks, we will talk about the three leading phone rivalries: Android, Apple, and Windows. We’ll list all the positive points of each operating system (OS) and let you make the call on which phone is best for you.

What Makes Android Great 

1. Allows room for customization – This is pretty cool because you can customize your keyboards, fonts, and how your phone looks. However, you need to be careful. If you customize your phone too much, it can lead to multiple problems. 

2. Easier to have your own music –  With Android, you can have a removable SD card. So, if you have music on your computer, it’s really easy to transfer it to your phone. Just plug your phone into your computer and drag the music files over. That’s it!

3. Controlling your phone from your PC: Whether you just want to send texts from Chrome or access any of its other functions right from a web browser, there are quite a few apps that will allow you to do so.

4. Wireless app installations: With Apple, you have to download apps on your phone or plug it into iTunes to sync them. With the new Android Market you can find a cool app, hit the install button, and it’ll be on your phone the next time you pick it up. 

Features Android Offers that Others Don’t

1. Almost “unlimited” storage space – What we mean is that Android offers the choice of being able to add your own SD card to create more space. Ran out of room? Take that SD card out and pop in a bigger one.

2. Removable battery: This is convenient because you can take multiple batteries if you’re going on a road trip or won’t be near an outlet.

3. Widgets – Other phones offer versions of widgets, but it’s not the same. With Android widgets they function as sort of a shortcut or a preview of another app. For example, there’s an email widget for you to view the emails you’ve received. This way you don’t have to open your email app, wait for it load, and then be able to view your emails. 

Which Android phone?

There are many different phones that run on an Android operating system. But here are 3 of the newest ones: Galaxy Note 4, Samsung Galaxy S5, and Nexus 6. So now that we have established Android’s high points, we’ll talk about Apple’s next week. Stay tuned!

Happy Computing!!!