When Should You Upgrade Your Mobile Phone?

Is it time to call it quits on your phone?
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Happy Computing Tip #90
When Should You Upgrade Your Mobile Phone? 
By Switch, the I.T. Support Robot

With all the new upgrades and advances in technology, it’s hard to keep up. Here are some helpful tips to help you decide whether you should toss your old phone and for a new one. 

  • Is it falling apart? If so, then it’s time to upgrade. Now, we’re not talking about a scratch or two. We’re talking about a touchscreen that is not functioning or keyboard keys that won’t work. Once it reaches that point, even if it’s a great phone, it’s probably time to say goodbye. 
  • Is your battery life running short? This could pose a major problem, especially if you rely on your phone for business. Thankfully, there are portable battery chargers available. But if your phone won’t even charge, it’s probably time to spring for a new one. A new battery for a phone can be pretty expensive and in most cases, it’s cheaper to just get a new phone.
  • Is it outdated? Even if your phone is still in excellent condition, if you don’t have a current operating system, you can be at risk. If you have an iPhone 3 or a 3G-only phone, you can’t upgrade to the most current operating system (e.g. iOS 8 on the iPhone). The updated versions of the software are faster, safer and efficient. We’re not saying that it’s bad to have an older phone. But when it breaks, it could be that you’re rushed and/or forced to make a decision on a device. So why wait for that to happen? It may be time to be proactive and get yourself that snazzy, new, latest-and-greatest device.

Now, some say you should upgrade your phone every 6 months. Honestly, that’s ridiculous. If your phone is running a current OS, it still works, has minimal damage, and you love it, then by all means keep using it! Of course, if you absolutely must have the latest-and-greatest, then by all means, go for it. We certainly won’t stand in the way of progress. 😉

One other thing…keep in mind that most phone companies offer a 2-year contract and at the end of your contract, you can upgrade and get a new for free or at least a very good discount.

Now, here’s another question many often ask: What phone should you upgrade to??? Find out next week! We’ll wade into that controversial Android vs. iPhone debate. And we’ll try to do that without upsetting either fan-club. Wish us well! 

Happy Computing!!!