Is Windows 10 Right for Me?

Is Windows 10 worth the wait?
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Happy Computing Tip #88
Is Windows 10 right for me?
By Switch, the I.T. Support Robot

During the past two weeks we have talked about the importance of getting rid Windows XP. Now the final question has arrived: Should you wait for Windows 10? In simple terms, if you have Windows 8, we highly recommend that you upgrade to Windows 10 when it comes out. If you have Windows 7, you’re good for now. You should be fine until 2020 when the software support ends. Windows 10 debuts sometime in mid-2015. When an official date is released, we’ll let you know. So, now that it is clear that Windows 10 is worth the wait, let’s see what makes it so great! 

The start menu in the left hand corner is back! 😀 

The start menu is back! This was one of the major issues with Windows 8. The new app launcher was a pain to figure out and no one knew how to use it. Now that’s gone and your good ol’ reliable start button is back! It’s got a new look too! When you install Windows 10, it asks you if you are on a touch device, or a mouse/keyboard device. If you are on a mouse/keyboard device then it turns on the start menu. It is also controllable from the settings menu. 

PC Settings Screen

In the above picture, you can see the “PC settings” screen. This will eventually replace the control panel, but not for a couple more releases of the OS. Right now, the PC settings and control panel have some duplicated controls, but link back and forth and generally don’t pose much of a problem. In the top left corner of the PC settings screen you can see the ‘app commands toolbar’. This little menu will have context sensitive things in it. This will give the user more control when running a full-screen app that has no buttons of its own.

Windows 10, even in its current infant state, is already better than Windows 8. Under the hood they are almost identical. We get to keep the performance and security enhancements gained for Windows 8, but move to a re-worked start menu. This brings usability back to what the mainstream wants.

Windows 7 or Windows 10?

In our opinion, Windows 10 is not better than Windows 7. Not yet. If you are currently running a machine that runs Windows 7 that is in good condition, you should stay put for now. After Windows 10 has been on the market for a year or so, computers will get even faster and cheaper. There will be a better time for Windows 7 users to consider upgrading. XP and Vista users need to upgrade ASAP. XP is gone and a hazard to everyone. GET RID OF IT!

Vista is not far behind. It is already out of mainstream support and will lose extended support soon. If you are a Vista user, you should begin planning your upgrade. A Windows 10 machine on release day would not be a bad choice.

In Conclusion…

There you have it! Why it’s important to upgrade your software, what is the best software to use, and if you should wait. We don’t know why Microsoft skipped Windows 9, they were probably so caught up in their work they forgot the number sequence. Who knows! But, one thing is for sure, Windows 10 is definitely a big improvement. No matter what version it is, we can say you did well Microsoft, you did well.

Happy Computing!!!