Which one is for me: 7, 8, or 10?

7, 8, or 10?
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Happy Computing Tip #88
Which one is for me: 7, 8, or 10?
By Switch, the I.T. Support Robot

So last week we talked about why it’s very important to upgrade from Windows XP to something more current. However, the question is: What should I upgrade to, Windows 7, 8, or wait for Windows 10 to come out? Let’s first talk about Windows 7 and then we’ll compare it with Windows 8. 

Windows 7 vs. Windows 8
Windows 7 is very similar to XP while at the same time has new features. It is easy to navigate because of the familiarity. If you wanted, you can even make it look like XP with a few tweaks. One thing that didn’t change is the pop-up start menu in the bottom left hand corner. Windows 8 however doesn’t have the start menu at all. Instead, there is an app-launcher that takes up the entire screen and you select the program you want to use. You can change Windows 8 to look like XP as well, but it’s a much more complicated process. However, Windows 8 startup and shutdown times are faster, as well as the entire performance has improved slightly. There is some virus protection installed, but we do recommend that you do buy better protection. There are also many extra features installed. For example, if you use multiple monitors while working, there is multi-monitor program already built in so you don’t have to pay for one. 

Which One Should I Choose?
This choice is entirely up to you. There are a couple things to keep in mind however. Did you like Windows XP? If so, you may not want to change too drastically, however, we do not recommend Windows 8 at all. If you want to stay in your comfort zone, then Windows 7 would be the choice for you. Something else to keep in mind: Windows 7 will no longer have software updates in 2020 whereas Windows 8 will no longer have software updates in 2023. However, the big question now: Should you wait for Windows 10 to come out? Stay tuned next week to find out! 

 Happy Computing!!!