Why You Should Upgrade Windows XP

Why Upgrade Windows XP?
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Happy Computing Tip #86
Why You Should Upgrade Windows XP
By Switch, the I.T. Support Robot

As of April 8, 2104, Microsoft officially discontinued all support of the WindowsXP operating system. As a result, it is absolutely critical to move away from Windows XP if you haven’t already done so. Keep reading to find out why you should upgrade your software.

Why XP Support Ended
It was a 12 year-old, outdated system. It’s very common for anything to be considered outdated with new, fresh ideas coming out all the time. Also, almost everything that’s over 12 years-old will need to be replaced at some point in our life, such as  a carpet, car, or cell-phone. 

Why You Should Upgrade
Because Windows XP is no longer continued, no updates will be available. This means that your security and protection will be exposed to hackers that will be able to access your computer easily and steal your information. They can even encrypt your computer so you can’t even use it and hold your machine for ransom demanding you give them a large amount of money. So by upgrading your software to a new and improved system, you can sleep safe at night knowing your information is safe. However, one question remains: Which system should I upgrade to? Windows7, Windows8, or should I wait for the new Windows10? Stay tuned to find out next week, same robot time, same robot email. 

 Happy Computing!!!