How to Stay Private on Windows 10 Pt. 1

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Happy Computing Tip #101
How to Stay Private on Windows 10

By Switch, the I.T. Support Robot

It’s taken the world by a storm! Ok maybe not. But Windows 10 has definitely made an impact and has made people happy. From our review of it, we have seen great results. However, people are concerned. The security settings in Windows 10 aren’t so private anymore. A lot more personal information (such as your location, what you browse on the internet, if Excel or Word crashes while you were using it, Windows can see what documents were open, and many other things) is sent to Windows. We’re not trying to scare you. This is all part of a normal process to continue to enhance products and applications. Apple has been doing this for years. But don’t worry, we’re going to do a two-part email series to give you some tips on how you can tighten up your security and keep your personal info safe. 

  1. Turn off your tracking – Hit Start, then find Settings, then click Privacy. From the Privacy menu you can alter how your computer uses the information from your location, microphone, camera and so on. While in the Privacy menu, you’ll want to click Feedback & Diagnostics and change the Feedback Frequency to “never” and Diagnostic and Usage Data to “basic.” Doing this will help prevent Microsoft from gathering random information.
  2. Guard your browser history – Edge sends your Internet browsing history to Microsoft in order to “help Cortana personalize your experience”. You can turn this off by clicking on the ellipsis button in the top right corner of Edge, then go to Settings > Advanced Settings > View Advanced Settings, and under Privacy and Services turn off “Have Cortana Assist Me in Microsoft Edge.” And while you’re in the Privacy and Services menu, make sure you turn off “use page prediction to speed up browsing, improve reading, and make my overall experience better”.

Stay tuned for next week to see how you can further tighten your security on Windows 10! Until then, Happy Computing! 

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