5 Google Tricks

5 Google tricks to know…
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Happy Computing Tip #86
5 Google Tricks
By Switch, the I.T. Support Robot

Google is an excellent search engine that is being used worldwide. Here are some Google tricks to try that you may not have known about:

  • Definitions – By typing in the word “define” before any word, Google displays a definition of the given word. Ex: define Google 
  • Find movies and weather – Type “movies” or “weather” followed by a state, city or zip code to display theaters or current weather. Ex: weather 75110
  • Local Search – Visit Google Local, enter the area you want to search, and the keyword of the place you want to find. Ex: Corsicana restaurants 
  • Translate – Translate text, a full web page, or search by using Google Language Tools.
  • Calculator  Use the Google Search engine as a calculator by typing a math problem in the search. Ex: By typing 156 + 147, Google would display the answer as 303. 

We hope these tricks and tips will help you as you continue to use Google. 

Happy Computing!!